Do you know your obstetrician’s birth philosophy?

I think it’s time for maternity providers to consider what their birth philosophy is and encourage their patients to meet with them prior to committing to the relationship.

The three pillars on which I have built my career

It was a huge honour to be invited to speak at the graduation ceremony for the UWA MBBS class of 2019. Here is a transcript of that speech.

What obstetricians really think about birth plans

In my early days of obstetrics, I confess I would cringe a little when a patient handed me their birth plan.

Birth experience: Why it’s important

By creating positive birth experiences for our patients, we are setting a platform for them to thrive not only in the immediate postnatal period but for the rest of their lives.

11 things I learned in my first year of a medical startup

18 months ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone to head up One for Women. Today I wanted to share 11 things I’ve learned about launching a medical startup.

Continuity of care: What it is and why it’s so powerful

The continuity of care model is important because it doesn’t just lead to better patient outcomes, it leads to better patient experience.

The underrated importance of patient experience

It’s no longer good enough to say that patient outcome is the only thing that matters. Or that the ‘end justifies the means’. Patients expect more from health providers today.

The problem with a ‘number’

If Volume of Practice continues to be the way we measure competence, the end result will be the continued promotion of people who are practising a high volume of substandard work.

Waiting Rooms: Does Size Matter?

Patients are not inventory and they should not be treated as such. Their time is as valuable as that of the health practitioners they are seeing.

Rebooting the conversation around caesareans

When looking at reducing caesarean section rates, it is not just one measure that will lead to a reduced rate.

Recovery from Caesarean – Taking the ERAS approach

An ERAS approach to recovery after caesarean doesn’t just lead to better outcomes for the mother, it leads to better outcomes for the baby too

Identifying and Managing Infant Sleep Issues

If you as a parent are struggling with how your baby is sleeping (or not sleeping), then an issue is present that needs to be addressed.

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